design and engineering

From design to reality

In the engineering department, the design is reconstructed according to the actual dimensions of the boat with 2 and 3 dimensional works. Regarding the size changes and technical requirements that may affect the design; alternative proposal drawings inline with the orginal design are presented to the customer after a detailed and close work with the designer.

The privilege of working with world famous design studios

On our journey to realize the dreams of our customers, we mainly work with British and Italian design studios in our projects.

The best design award to Septemar

In addition to the awards we won with the worldwide known companies, We received the 2012 World Yacht Trophies; Best Design award with the Timeless project we designed and produced as Septemar.

First on the computer, then on the boat.

Our technical drawings are created in 3D and transferred directly from the project office to CNC machines in the production. We make detailed production drawings for each part. Thus, we can respond quickly to requests that may occur after delivery.

Would you like to have a VR tour during design process of your boat?