Innovative production philosophy

Challenging but possible! We increase the quality with the philosophy of continuous development brought by experience in boutique production. We closely follow new technologies and new materials and regularly carry out our R&D studies. A new application every year at the factory!

Where technology and craftsmanship meet

We produce fast and flawless production in full compliance with the design by combining the speed and precision advantage of automatic machines in production with the quality of craftsmanship of our experienced staff

Is dust-free furniture production facility possible?

We have established a dust-free production facility to reduce errors caused by dust. At the same time, we have increased our comfort zone in our working conditions.

Fully integrated facility

Thanks to our full-fledged machine park, we fulfill all our needs in-house. With our specialized staff and machinery in coating, assembly, polish and upholstery departments, we serve not only to the yacht industry, but also to the decoration and boutique furniture industry, where high quality products are required.

While making our business plans, we use the expertise and accuracy that is the result of experience

With Septemar MIS, we transformed our experiences into data and our data into our new plans. We combine the skills of our team with the needs of furniture. We plan the entire journey of each piece of furniture from design to the moment it meets the customer.